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We'll prep the bonfire, 

you bring them around it. 

Why Retreats?

We know that a powerful retreat can be the turning point in anyone's life, and that many things get in the way of attending or putting on the best possible retreats.


Our goal is to supply you with retreats for the theme you want, at a price you can afford, to the degrees of assistance needed to create an incredible experience.


It's not a business transaction, it's a full retreat in your own town.

The Lights We Bring





Everything you need to put on a retreat! We will learn the specifics of your group and build a custom retreat around what will be most effective to bring them a powerful experience. You'll be getting schedules, games, topics, all in line with what your group needs to grow!

With a Flame retreat, you'll get everything from Ember, as well as online training for your retreat team! We'll walk them through giving a testimony, running a prayer team, playing effective praise and worship, and more, available for any questions or guidance they may need, even on the day of the retreat!

If you're looking for the ultimate retreat experience for your teens, that's where a Blaze Retreat comes in! You'll get everything from the Flame retreat, and we'll travel to help guide the retreat in person, helping your team to MC, lead praise and worship, give witness and testimony, and even bring custom retreat shirts!

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